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So I've been wanting to do a /good/ loot post, and was going to do it on MFC first, but I'd rather post the pictures here and on Tumblr first. Pretty sure I've missed minor items... >.> And I haven't done any real collection posts here in a while. It's probably missing an item or two >.> But I probably shouldn't mention that considering the list... haaaaaaaaah. This was a LOT more work than I thought it would be. Sailor Moon Collection List

GE Animation Luna, Artemis and Tuxedo Mask... aka my boyfriend =P ($12 each)

Romeo and Cinderella Mikumo Hatsune Miku ($81 CAD)


GE Animation Sailor Mars ($17 CAD)
Bandai Live Action Sailor Moon ($15 USD)
Bandai Live Action Sailor Mars ($15 USD) ...whoops! I hid her behind Venus XD
Super Sailor Moon ($15 USD)
Sailor Venus ($15 USD)
Sailor Moon S Capsule Figure ($5 USD)
Kula Diamond (Gift)
Princess Tutu ($10 USD)
Miki Mascot Series 3 ($10)


GE Animation Sailor Venus ($17 CAD)
LOL Mikumo Hatsune Miku ($28 USD)
Bootleg Sailor Moon Crisis Compact Necklace (trade)
Evangelion Petite Eva - New theatrical edition C-style ($40 CAD/set)
Toei Eternal Sailor Moon compact mirror (lights up!!) ($10USD)
Excellent Sailor Moon ($140 USD)
SMW Series 5 Usagi ($9 USD)


A lot of this is convention loot, as well as a trip to my local China Town that scored me the GK SUPER SUPER cheap. Pretty sure they're recasts... but who cares at that price? Great casts and no missing pieces either!

GE Animation Sailor Moon Towel ($25 CAD)
Rozen Maiden Art Book ($32 CAD)
Official Sailor Moon Volume 2 Art Book ($50 USD)
Super Sailor Chibi Moon Bust GK ($10 CAD)
Super Sailor Moon Bust GK ($10 CAD)
Banpresto Petite Evangelion Rei and Asuka ($30 USD)
GE Animation Sailor Mercury PVC Key Chain ($10 CAD)
GE Animation Sailor Moon Bow necklace ($15 CAD)
Sailor Moon Pencil Board Set ($43 USD/set) --- THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped me complete the set!!
Chibi Usa and Pegasus GK ($20 USD) from - recast (I'll post pictures when she's done)


Sailor Moon 1000 Edition Prints ($86 CAD/set) --- I'm still spazzing over this. I wish I had somewhere to frame them all ;_;



I'm too lazy to fix the picture right now.

Irwin Kaori Knight doll ($8 CAD)
GE Animation Brooch necklace (gift)
NA Sailor Moon Soundtrack ($15 CAD)
Fanmade Sailor Moon keychains/cards (Gift)

Stupidly GREAT find. I got this at Value Village for $10!!!! Her eye is missing the iris, but I'm working on matching the material or getting replacement. OR I might get her professionally restored. She's too good to NOT take care of.


Dengeki Hobby magazine, featuring the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon figure. The magazine was SUPER cheap, but shipping was HELL lmao. So worth it though. There's also a flyer in the front of the book that's single sided only. Just the pretty picture side of the usual flyer.


KumaCraft necklaces. Not all of them are from this year, but the only one that is is deep in my display case XD. I didn't want to haul it out.


Cutie Moon Rod candy toy <3

Is this bootleg or official? I've seen obviously bootleg versions, but this one looks better... although similar?


Manga volumes 1-11 as well as Sailor V 1 and 2. Purchased since release, but they're all on a shelf so meh lol.

Andddd I finally completed my gashapon ad wishlist. I am hoping to find the one for the Live Action gashapon as well, but these are my favourite and most sought after. Probably paid about $20 each ish. Number 3 is damaged a lot, so I may eventually replace it.


I lied! This is the final piece. I got this toay... so technically it's July, but w/e. It's a cardboard standee advertising the movie releases. I know the owner and a couple workers at a local comic shop and they found this in the back storage and gave it to me for free. I squealed like a school girl all the way home.

Nendoroid Petite Hatsune Miku Selection Set
Petanko Mini Madoka Set
Beauty Selection Sailor Mercury
Giochi Preziosi Sailor Mars doll
Kyosho Hotaru PJ Statue
Bandai S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon
Bandai S.H.Figuarts Sailor Mercury
Bandai Swing Sailor Moon Set
Bandai Cosmetic Compact
Yutaka Super Sailor Moon
Bandai Phone accessories
Bandai Deco Meta
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