Aug. 2nd, 2011

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So I'm going to be setting up custom groups for posts because I have very specific topics that I post about here... and I know because of religious, personal or what ever reasons some people don't want to see certain entries. So... comment and tell me what you would like to read from me.

A mix of things including what I watch on TV, groups I visit in real life (if I can ever make a meeting ;_;), and real life experiences. I don't post about this AS often anymore, but when I do it's mainly on personal experience dealing with strange things, predictions, and what I'll just call psychic experiences for now. This is always a 100% serious topic with me. I do strange things. It just happens.

Sailor Moon/Anime
Sailor Moon collection items, info, spazzing, and fan goodness. Anime rants and reviews. Chances are if you don't know me in real life you know me here because of the Sailor Moon communities, although there are a few exceptions.

Daily Life Updates
Regular life stuff, ranting, work, and bullshitting around. This will probably include movie, book and what ever reviews.

Life Sucks
The bad days. I have em. Sometimes they last minutes, sometimes they last a month or two... sometimes it's just PMS. As a bad bad BAAAD PMSer I'll warn you now, sometimes my rants are nothing.


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