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Please take the appropriate safety precautions before beginning your project. Take care to avoid burning yourself, others, or surroundings with your glue gun, and keep your pins sealed in their container until they are needed.

This is my first tutorial, so please forgive me if I'm over detailed, or vague in some parts.

This tutorial is meant to show collectors a simple, and home-made way of displaying their items. It specifically covers the Canadian Communicator Watch cosplay toy from the anime series Sailor Moon. You may change materials, and methods as you so choose for your own display to accommodate yourself, and your item. Materials/Tools required:

  • Glue Gun
  • Sewing Pins (decorative, or easy to hide)
  • Square Cardboard or hard backing for display
  • Felt or material of choice
  • Pliers
  • Jewelry eye pins
1 Please pre-heat your glue gun before beginning this project.

Line up your cardboard, good-side-down, onto the felt or material that you are using for your display. It is probably best if your cardboard does not have a fold in it depending on what, and where you will be displaying your item.
2 Glue each corner to the board. It helps if you glue your first two corners, and then the material between them, and then move on.

Be quick with your glue!! If you have never worked with a glue gun before, the glue cools rather quickly depending on the amount of glue you have laid. The less glue, the quicker it cools.
3 This photo shows progress of three corners, one end, and half of the first side. You may add extra glue in order to hold down any air pockets, but it is unnecessary if they are unnoticeable from the front.
4 This image shows my piece completely glued. It may appear to be un-square if your material was glued on slanted, or stretched. This will not affect the finished piece.

At this point clean off any strings of glue, and do touch-ups to the air pockets, and corners.
5 This is the finished front side of the display.
6 Get your item ready for attachment onto your display. For ideas on how to attach a similar item to your display please read on.

You will need your eye pins, and pliers for this part of the tutorial
7 For attaching the interchangeable watch covers I've decided to use these pins which are generally used for jewelry making. In order to attach them to the back I've bent the end with my fingers.

It is not shown in these photos, but the end of the pin has a loop which I will insert the pin to hold the item onto the board.
8 Insert the pin through the middle of the arch on the back of the cover. You may have to bend the pin a few more times to get the appropriate angle.
9 Hold the eye side of the pin with your fingers, and twist the pin with your pliers so that the pin stays locked onto your piece. Take care to avoid damaging the piece.
10 When you have finished attaching all of your pins you may start experimenting with where you want to display your pieces. Even if you know how you want to display it, experiment. You might find something more visually appealing to the eye than your original plan.
11 Insert your sewing pin, or what ever you are using to attach your pieces, through the eye of the pins you attached earlier. I've purchased pearl topped pins for aesthetic reasons, as well as to keep my pins from sliding through the eye holes of my pins.
12 Insert your pin directly on the spot where you wish to have your item displayed. When planning, it may be helpful to mark this position with a pencil, or even measure it out with a ruler before marking it.

Continue this step for each piece.
13 Congratualtions! You've finished your display and may now display it, or attach string, or a balance to hang, or stand it up.

You may notice the holder on the strap of my watch. It is simply a twist tie that I sized, and attached to hold the strap sideways. All I done with it was get the size, twist it together, and squish the twist with the flat part of my pliers. I then added it to the strap, twisted the excess space once, and inserted the pin into the hole, then into the display.

Mine is now tacked to my wall, beneath my Sailor Moon cells for display with my collection.
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