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So this is Shiloh. A Canadian girl who entered a local radio station contest right here in Edmonton when she was only 13 years old, and won it. Three years later she released Picture Imperfect, her newest album. To celebrate (I'm a huge fan) I done a sketch of her CD Cover, and brought it with me to her concert. She autographed the picture, and asked for a print =) Coolest day of my life. Having a recording artist ask for a copy of my art. I don't care how new, young, old, or famous they are. It's a great feeling.

Anyways,  her CD is GREAT! It definitely reaches out more to her age group, with songs like "Operator", and "You're Not Alone" reaching out to younger generations to encourage self confidence, courage, and some good ol' fashioned attitude. My favorite songs are "Ruin Me" and "Missing Existence". Although Ruin Me is a little darker, Missing Existence makes up for it with some wonderfully weird lyrics. While some of her songs are a little unoriginal, she's only 16 years old, and this is her first CD. What lacks in words is stepped on, squashed and swept up by her huge voice.
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I recently seen Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea in theaters (twice!). The movie is the latest creation brought to North America by Disney, Studio Ghibli and of course, Hayao Miyazaki. The story is a twist on The Little Mermaid, focusing on a 5 year old boy who discovers and saves a magical gold fish with a human face. The little gold fish falls in love with the boy, and dreams of becoming human forever.

It makes no difference which version you see. The Disney dubbed version, and the Japanese subtitle are generally the same. As a Miyazaki film lover, it was far from disappointed. The animation is beautiful, the story is adorable, and well put together, and even the cheesy voice actor choices from Disney fit the story. Don't ditch it because the Jonas brothers got their sneaky fingers in on the story. Everything about it was immaculately well done.
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I've recently turned to reading again. Although... it's not like I ever stopped. As a computer user, I'm constantly reading, or doing whatever, but I've recently begun buying and picking up books again.

This summer I've read the first book of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. It was rather enjoyable, and seeing as I had watched the movie previously it was fun to see the changes, and how much deeper the story really goes in the book. If you don't know, it's the story of 4 friends who are separated for the first time since birth, for an entire summer.

I also bought Coraline, which is actually pretty geared towards the much younger age group of 8 and up. It surprised me, considering I hadn't seen the new movie, but I had heard much about it. The story is actually fairly dark, and although it's definitely written for the young age bracket it's placed in, I'm not so sure it would go over well with an 8 year old. If you loved the movie, read the book. You'll be surprised what they changed.

After several mentions of the manga on deviantArt by some of my favorite Artists, I bought Clover, by CLAMP. The story is about 20 years old, but was recently released again in a collection of the 4 books in one large graphic novel. It follows a young man named Kazuhiko, who is a retired black ops agent called back on duty to bring a young girl named Sue to her desired destination. While over 500 pages, it's a short story with a lot of love, and heart warming, destined meetings-- even in a world seemingly full of greed, and power. If you don't read it for the story, look at it for the art.

My last series has yet to finish, but I feel it deserves mention after how much I've obsessed over it in the last few weeks. I am of course talking about the manga Shugo Chara. Currently I am on episode 65 of the anime, and book 3 of the manga. As far as I can tell, the two are relatively the same. The only serious changes being a minor season switch from summer in the manga, to winter in the anime. The only thing it detracts from in the anime, is a subtle hint to a rather large twist in the first season. Anyways, the series is the story of a girl named Amu, who wakes up to discover three eggs in her bed who happen to hatch into three small characters, each claiming to be her would-be-self. Amu befriends, and fights along side the characters, and her friends as they defend and mend the heart eggs of other children.
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Carly Jepsen - CD Cover by =linepau1 on deviantART

I enjoy doing CD covers, although I'm not all that good at them yet.

This is an album I done for Carly Rae Jepsen. Her song "Tug of War" caught my attention, and I've fallen in love with her music.

The CD cover is actually pretty basic. Stock credits are on deviantart. The photos were touched up as needed, then I added two extra layers. One with flat black color, the second with a gradient that faded invisible towards the middle. I then messed with their settings. The text is a white, and light gray. One has been screened, the other dropped opacity.

I also edited out her glasses in the first picture. THAT was fun ;_;

Please feel free to critique either here or on deviantART if you with to leave some feed back. All types of comments are welcome, unless they are rude of course =).
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I've been eying D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself in the book stores for quite some time now. I picked it up tonight, and I just wanted to say that so far it's an excellent read!

DIY won't make you a designer, but it gives you simple tips, and ideas to use as inspiration for projects featured in the book. CD cases and covers, towels, tee shirt designs, and SO very much more are covered. Hell, even blogs!
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Just a quick colored version of a sketch I done a while back.
DA Link.
Blog Link

Ya, the guys head looks horrible colored. I'm working on it though. I've been drawing a lot more guys lately.


May. 4th, 2009 04:30 pm
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A great video ad from DeviantART for their own site. I thought you guys would enjoy it, since it's well made.
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Kiki by the Sea Sketch by =linepau1 on deviantART

I'm sorry about the DeviantART links. It's just until I have newer stuff, and walk throughs for you guys.

This is actually a WIP sketch. It still needs some fixing up, as well as ink, and color. Click on the image for more details, as well as my DA account.
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I'm Dreaming of You by =linepau1 on deviantART

For the sake of being active, here is my first post.

This is a sketch I done while sitting at West Edmonton Mall on my last day of school. The lyrics and words jotted down are what caught my attention, or crossed my mind while sketching.

This is just a sketch, but it means a lot to me. It shows improvement, the lyrics mean a lot to me, and the over all drawing means a lot to my dreams.

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